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People change

I always feel sad every time I hear news about someone who got divorce. A high school friend, a blogger whom I never met but I read her blog regularly, even if I never knew them in person, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's divorce recently. The same question would always pop up in my mind: "Why? What happened with their commitment?" Until recently I concluded that the only answer is... well, people change. Someone might get new insight that lead to new life goals, and the spouse failed to join her new life journey. Someone might get spiritual experience that make her more religious, and the spouse didn't agree with her new perspective. And she might meet someone else who understand her better than the spouse. The world is always changing, so are the people . People always have the choice to stick to their commitments and communicate the changes to their spouse, or to move on to the next journey and leave the spouse behind.


Menyebalkan adalah ketika benak tergelitik sekali untuk menulis sesuatu, tapi waktunya belum ada. Will find the time, soon. *get back to tons of documents on my office desk*