Indonesian Blogger Day

I've been blogging since April, 2004.
I forget the exact date, but I still remember how it started.

That day I read a novel by Adhitya Mulya, Jomblo, and I noticed a web address written on the book which he called as his blog.

Blog? I got a big question mark in my head along with the curiosity.

So, after I finished reading the book, I visited his blog. His writing was so funny, so I was compelled to read nearly all of the previous posts. Then I started to click link listed on the blogroll.

The first link led me to Enda's blog. An entry entitled '8 Sebab Utama Memiliki Weblog' had made me tempt to create my own blog. I read the next post, 'Panduan Mudah Membuat Blog', and shortly afterwards I created my very first blog on blogspot.

There are many blogger community in Indonesia and I joined Blogger Family. But since I live outside Jakarta and also faraway from other major cities in Indonesia I never attend any blogger event.

I was a regular silent reader of numerous blogs at that time (and until now). I am amazed with their transformation. Lots of them have become successful through blogging.

Those veteran bloggers now rarely update their blogs. Some of them created twitter account, and I become their followers. Yeah, I know them, they don't  know me. But I'm okay with that.

Last Saturday they reminded me that October 27, 2012 was Indonesian Blogger Day.

Whoa! It encourages me to sit down and write this entry, to recall the day when I started blogging.

Congratulations to me to keep this blog alive until now. :)

picture credits to hgjohn  on Flickr


  1. salam kenal dari blogger Pontianak, 2004 saya malah belum tahu sama sekali apa itu blog, baru dua tahun terakhir ini aktif ngeblog :)

  2. hai, makasih telah berkunjung. sering2 ya :D


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